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Gazzola has developed a robust environmental policy, as land and other natural resources are important to our well-being. Gazzola is committed to minimizing the adverse effects on these resources from its operations.

The Canadian Net-Zero Emissions Accountability Act, which became law on June 29, 2021, enshrines in legislation Canada’s commitment to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050. The Act ensures transparency and accountability as the government works to deliver on its targets. Gazzola Leadership is committed to leading by example, and is exploring and accelerating our own carbon reducing initiatives further either through offset or new asphalt production processes to become a Scope 1 & 2 carbon neutral Asphalt Plant and Paver by 2030.

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Our current initiatives include:

Vehicles and Equipment Emissions
• GPS monitoring the efficiency in the movement of goods and idling times of all equipment.
• Gazzola has invested heavily in installing GPS in all equipment and vehicles. Local dispatchers review idling daily, while the Executive Management reviews idling times weekly.
• For heavy equipment, idling times have been programmed to ensure units shutdown after five minutes of idling or provide an audible alarm warning to the operator to shut the unit down.
• With a push to more carbon neutral future, Gazzola is currently signed on to participate and or actively sharing performance data for the following initiatives:
-          Electrification pilot with Peterbilt for our Haulage and Winter Maintenance snow plow operations to determine the feasibility of electric equipment for our customer applications (Commencing in 2022)
-          Fully switched over our diesel usage to Esso Diesel Efficient™ with McDougall Energy, with the help of our GPS reporting and mechanic staff assisting Esso in validating their claimed 2-3% fuel economy improvements that go along with the environmental impacts of 10% less NOx, 22% less particulate matter emissions and 2.8% less carbon dioxide emissions.

Asphalt Plant Emissions and Production Processes

• Gazzola’s asphalt plant meets and exceeds the required government noise and emission control measures; in addition, and where possible, Gazzola utilizes a paved yard to reduce the amount of water-saturated in the piles of aggregates, thereby reducing energy consumption. 

• We are proud of our 2021 Ontario Asphalt Pavement Council’s (OAPC) Trillium Award which recognizes excellence in hot mix asphalt plant operations, based on rigorous criteria including the plant’s appearance, safety, environmental initiatives and community relations program.

Gazzola Paving 2021 Trillium Award

• Over the past four winter seasons, Gazzola has switched every motor in the asphalt plant to a soft-start to improve the power factor, allowing us to see a 2.2% reduction in electricity consumed annually throughout construction season at the plant when compared to pre-2017 levels when the work began.

• Gazzola monitors the moisture content of raw materials used in asphalt production to reduce energy consumption and emissions.

• Gazzola has added scrubbers to the asphalt plant to reduce our carbon footprint.

• Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) are used to monitor production facilities weekly, with a focus on monitoring energy consumption.


Recycle and Reuse of Materials

• Gazzola is a significant producer of recycled concrete in the GTA area, which it uses as road base aggregates. To reduce the carbon footprint, Gazzola has adopted a policy to minimize the amount of virgin aggregates used wherever possible.

• Gazzola’s Asphalt Plant is set up to incorporate a percentage of Recycled Asphalt into asphalt plant production, again reducing the use of virgin aggregates and liquid Asphalt Cement when mixes and specifications allow for its’ usage.

• We are proud that with the exception of road materials removed that contain asbestos which must be disposed off off-site by law, Gazzola does not send any material from our production process to landfill.


Environmental Management Systems

• Dust management and traffic plans at our asphalt plant are built and monitored collaboratively with our neighbours, our customers and our vendors partners to ensure our operation is tidy and respectful of all of the businesses around us.

• With a push to a carbon neutral future, Gazzola is committed to measuring and monitoring our carbon footprint though at present based on carbon emissions regulations sits under a 10,000T threshold emitter.

•  Individual job specific environmental plans are developed and strictly adhered to on the most complex projects, significantly reducing the environmental impact.

•  Gazzola is actively considering participation in the National Zero Waste Council (www.nzwc.ca).

  • "This summer, we had a front-row seat in North Scarborough watching our tax dollars at work and my family is delighted with our no-bump street and new sidewalk, happy that our community children will be much safer this winter as they walk to school."
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