TRCA Toronto Island Flood and Erosion Mitigation Paving

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Due to the increasing frequency of high lake level events and the continued vulnerability of residents, businesses, and public spaces within the Toronto Islands, the City of Toronto partnered with TRCA to undertake the Toronto Island Park Flood and Erosion Mitigation Project. The goal of the Project was to develop long-term flood and erosion mitigation measures to protect the Toronto Islands from future high-water level and flooding events. Gazzola was responsible for supply and placement of 60mm of Superpave 19.0 and 40mm of Superpave 12.5 asphalt for the purpose of emergency road raising works along Lakeshore Avenue and Cibola Avenue on the Toronto Islands. In order to complete this project, all paving equipment and tri-axle dump trucks containing asphalt had to be brought over to the island by ferry service. This posed many logistic challenges but we were able to complete the project in a timely fashion. 

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