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Gazzola Paving leads the way in the GTA with a dedicated asphalt and aggregate plant in Etobicoke to provide contractors and municipalities with the materials necessary for their paving and constructions projects in the GTA.

Gazzola Paving, Asphalt and Aggregate Sales in Toronto

Purpose-built Asphalt Plant

Part of what makes Gazzola Paving as agile and quick to respond is the purpose-built asphalt production facility that we own in order to satisfy the demand of even the largest municipal jobs. Alongside this, we are able to sell the asphalt we product at this plant, providing a source or high-quality asphalt to contractors and smaller paving companies tackling their projects around the GTA.

What Is Asphalt?

Asphalt is a hydrocarbon mixture that is heated until it has the consistency of tar. Depending on the amount of heating, asphalt may take on a relatively solid-state, or become the consistency of a thick liquid. With some uses, such as in road building, the semisolid asphalt is mixed in with other elements such as crushed stone, sand, or gravel to make up the compound that is used to provide cover on highways and city streets.

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  • “Mark and Vern Gazzola have earned the respect of the entire industry by being pioneers in paving the landscape of our quality roads in Toronto for the past 50 years. Anyone who knows them, realizes that they are genuine, no-nonsense individuals who always wear their hearts on their sleeves. Honour and integrity have been the cornerstone of Gazzola’s success."
    Don Wilson, Dufferin Aggregates

Recycled Aggregate In The GTA

Gazzola Paving Ltd. has been producing, selling and laying our recycled aggregates for over 20 years. Pile control is essential in maintaining recycled aggregate products. Our recycled aggregate is monitored by dedicated Quality Controllers to ensure the best-recycled aggregate in Toronto.

Stored & Inventoried

We stockpile the most popular aggregates from virgin limestone to screenings. Our plant also has an inventory of 100% crushed asphalt, the perfect product for a gravel parking. Gazzola Paving Ltd. strongly believes in recycling and we endeavor to promote recycled products to all buyers of construction.

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Gazzola Paving Limited Is CCIL Certified

Gazzola Paving is proud to have met the requirements for Asphalt & Aggregate Lab CCIL Certification.

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From paving, grinding, grading, curb and sidewalk installation, gravel and stone, to winter road maintenance, we work alongside large scale commercial and residential partners across Southern Ontario.

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