Industrial Site Concrete and Paving Rehabilitation - 8060 Lawson Road, Milton

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This Project involved the following Remedial Work:
  • Removal and Disposal of existing asphalt
  • Removal and Disposal of front entrance concrete slabs
  • Regrade the site to accommodate new sub-base, slope and swale area
  • Adjust Maintenance Holes and Catch Basins to elevation of new pavement
  • Install culvert from the end of the swale, under the driveway and sloped into the municipal ditch
  • Replaced all broken water curb stops and curb stop boxes
  • Install filter cloth and rip-rap stone into the swale area
  • Install new 125mm thick concrete slabs at the front entrances with 6x6 welded wire mesh and Dowel the slabs into the building foundation with 15M rebar
  • Supply and Place  60mm Base Course HL-8
  • Supply and Place  40mm Top Course HL-3
  • Replaced Bollards as needed

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