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Gazzola Paving works with municipalities on their commercial and residential projects. Our main areas of focus are paving, milling, grading and curb and sidewalk installations in the GTA.

Paving & Road Construction, Gazzola Paving

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At Gazzola Paving Ltd., we take pride in being able to accomplish a variety of paving and road construction projects. We believe that we are able to do whatever it takes to provide the best quality work you can find, with quick turnaround time and excellent customer service.

Quality Is Our Mandate

Our core philosophies ensure that any project we complete will be the best quality work, completed accurately, on schedule and will last the test of time. Our trained team of professionals is able to manage the project from the initial grading to milling, paving and the eventual curb and sidewalk installation.

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Paving Projects From Start To Finish


A level base for construction work, like a foundation, is the most important factor in building a high-standard of quality for a road, railway, or landscape. Gazzola Paving recommends our grading services for all road construction work to ensure your paving project gets started on the right foot.


Gazzola Paving has the machines to match our milling experience, ranging from 130 horsepower, 50-millimeter trimmers, to 700 horsepower milling machines with 2.1-meter cut paths. We are equipped and qualified to undertake large quantity highway milling, bridge scarification or tight urban roadways.


Gazzola Paving has over 20 years of experience spearheading commercial and residential projects including highways, city streets, parking lots and much more. We are readily available to do any work that is needed in a timely fashion so that the progress of the project can be finished on schedule.

Curbs & Sidewalks

The finishing touches are often the most crucial and precise. After a successful road or highway project is complete and the roads are constructed or rebuilt, our team is trained to install curbs and sidewalks to both municipal and provincial standards, regardless of the scope and scale of the project.

  • “Mark and Vern Gazzola have earned the respect of the entire industry by being pioneers in paving the landscape of our quality roads in Toronto for the past 50 years. Anyone who knows them, realizes that they are genuine, no-nonsense individuals who always wear their hearts on their sleeves. Honour and integrity have been the cornerstone of Gazzola’s success."
    Don Wilson, Dufferin Aggregates

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From paving, grinding, grading, curb and sidewalk installation, gravel and stone, to winter road maintenance, we work alongside large scale commercial and residential partners across Southern Ontario.

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